AquaPhoenix P90






Flow Rate

Up to 20 litres per hour

Stages of Purification

  • Inline Sediment Filter.
  • Inline Carbon Filter.
  • RO Membrane.
  • Post Carbon.
  • TDS Adjustment using UF.

Membrane type

Thin film composite spiral wound membrane


Self-Suction Booster pump 24 V dc


Up to 50%

TDS Rejection

95% (min)

Power Rating

48 W

Pressure Rating (Input water pressure)

10 – 30 PSI*

Rated Voltage

130 – 270 V a.c.

50 Hz.

Material of construction for filter housings and plastic parts


Material of construction of Water Purifier Body

ABS Food Grade Plastic

Length of power cord

1.5 m

TDS (Up to which membrane works)

2000 ppm

* If input pressure exceeds 30 PSI, please install a company-provided Pressure Reducing Valve at an additional cost. Generally, if your overhead tank is 21 meters (~70 foot) that is approximately 6 floors above your Water purifier, you need to install “Pressure Reducing Valve”.


(Stage 1) Inline Sediment Filter:

The sediment filter used in this filter is of very high quality to compensate the requirement of pre filter.

(Stage 2) Inline Carbon Filter:

It takes out 99% of the chlorine and organic chemicals. It provides enhanced reduction of taste, odour, and colour. Chlorine removal is necessary as it is harmful for the RO Membrane, which is the most expensive part of your water purifier.

(Stage 3 (Bypass Stage)) UF:

UF is used for adjusting TDS. It is a bypass stage which can be used by adjusting the knob of TDS controller. UF pore size is 0.01 micron, capable of removing bacteria. This water from UF filter which contains more TDS is mixed with pure RO water to adjust the TDS accordingly to maintain all the necessary minerals essential for the body.

(Stage 4) RO Membrane:

This is the heart of your water purifier. A thin film composite (TFC) high quality membrane that processes 100 gallons per day (GPD). RO membrane is capable of removing up to 98 % of TDS from water. TDS majorly comprises of inorganic salts which are made up of cations like sodium (Na+), potassium (K+), calcium (Ca2+), magnesium (Mg2+), etc. and anions like sulphates (SO42-), carbonates (CO32-), bicarbonates (HCO3), nitrates (NO3), chlorides (Cl), etc.
TDS also comprises of inorganic salts of heavy metals like Arsenic, molybdenum, mercury, lead, cadmium, copper, zinc, iron, etc. and various organic chemicals as well.

(Stage 5) Post Carbon:

Post carbon filter is used to remove the fishy smell that might be present in water after passing through RO membrane and makes water more palatable.


  • You can change your filter by your own. No technician required.

This RO is equipped with easy change filter where you can easily replace the filter yourself by purchasing from our nearest dealer.

  • No prefilter required. Means neat and clean fitting.

This RO has a very high-quality sediment filter which can be easily replaced and does the work of prefilter as well. The installation is therefore very clean.

  • Sediment, carbon, RO, post carbon, UF, TDS control, UV, Alkaline (optional).

Multi stage purification giving you 100% purified water.

  • 10 litres huge storage tank with drain nut and cockroach free fitting of tank. 100 % food grade ABS plastic.
  • Intelligent computer based digital display.

This RO is equipped with intelligent display showing all the necessary details about the system.

  • Advanced float and flushing system.

Dual stage float for increased sensitivity and RO membrane flushing to improve membrane life.

  • UV protected tank.

Enhanced protection with UV rays.

  • Both side inlet water, reject water and power cord connection.

This water purifier can be connected to the water and power source from both sides making the installation very neat and optimal.

  • Intelligent filter change alarm system.

The display is capable of showing when to change the filters.

  • Easy fault-finding system.

The display is calibrated to tell all the faults that may arise in the water purifier.

  • TDS control with UF filter and TDS adjuster.

TDS of purified water can be adjusted using a TDS knob given.

  • Very high quality SMPS CE certified.

This SMPS gives stable 24 V and steady 2.5 A current.

  • Very high quality 100 GPD pump.

This pump gives a very strong and stable water pressure to the water purifier.

  • High quality inline SV + flushing SV with FR.
  • Strong bracket fittings.

Provides the filter with a sturdy hanging platform. This helps to easily remove and fit the front cover.

  • Elegant look.

This product is technologically advanced with very beautiful design.


1) Customer has to inform AquaPhoenix customer care once the product is received.

2) Technician will be arranged as soon as we receive an acknowledgement from the customer.

3) Technician details will be shared with the customer on call as well as on WhatsApp.

4) Technician may reach your place within 12 hours, but depending on location it may take up to 72 hours.

5) Your address and registered mobile Number will be given to the technician for easy contact and communication.

6) Once the installation is done, the customer is requested to verify the installation procedure checklist (Installation procedure checklist is available in the box with the bill and will also be shared on WhatsApp). Only on satisfaction allow the technician to go. If there are any issues please contact customer care.

We are always there to help you.


1) One-year warranty on all electrical parts. Warranty starts from date of dispatch.

2) No warranty on filters. Filters are consumable. Life of filters depend on the quality of source/input water.

Cancellation & Refund

1) One-year warranty on all electrical parts. Warranty starts from date of dispatch.

2) No warranty on filters. Filters are consumable. Life of filters depend on the quality of source/input water.

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